Frankly Speaking: New podcast with expert discussions on ESG

We have launched ‘Frankly Speaking’ - a new podcast discussing the latest political, legal, and business developments in the field of ESG, business and human rights, and corporate reporting. 
Frankly Speaking builds on our standing in the field of ESG research and engagement with policy makers as well as businesses. Our host Richard Howitt speaks frankly and personally about what moves policy makers, businesses, and activists to make responsible business the norm and - last but not least - redefine business! Richard is a pioneer in the field of corporate disclosure and a former member of the European Parliament.
“All who want to see purposeful companies actually make a difference to the social and environmental challenges which we all face, recognise that we will only be able to do so through dialogue, cooperation, ideas and innovation, better understanding of the challenges and by achieving an accountability for all of us, for the contribution we need to make. ‘Frankly Speaking’ hopes to be a forum for all of these. We hope you will join us,” says Richard.

A peek into the first episodes

You can look forward to a number of deep and personal conversations with leading experts from different fields. Here is a peek into the first ones:
  • Development of the draft European Sustainability Reporting Standards: with Wim Bartels, Senior Sustainability Partner at Deloitte and Member of the EFRAG’s Sustainability Reporting Board
  • Listen to the conversation here:
  • Due diligence in times of war: with Olena Uvarova (Associate Professor, Yaroslav the Wise National Law University) and Anita Ramasastry (Henry M. Jackson Professor of Law, University of Washington School of Law)
  • Listen to the conversation here:
  • Reporting on impacts: with Eelco van der Enden, CEO Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • Listen to the conversation here:
  • Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive: with Lara Wolters, Member of the European Parliament
  • Sustainability reporting in practice: with Rahel Damamme, ESG and Sustainability Reporting Leader at Decathlon

When and where can you listen to us?

A new episode is published every Wednesday and available on:
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