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We are a leading Czech consulting firm focused on ESG and Public Relations. At Frank Bold Expert Group we are part of an international team of over 100 experts with offices in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Brussels and Krakow. We combine legal expertise with consulting in the areas of green finance and ESG, energy, public affairs and PR and marketing services.

Changing the world with responsible business

Everyone talks about ESG today, but at Frank Bold we have been authentically dedicated to the topic of responsible business and non-financial reporting since our inception more than 10 years ago.

We are the only ESG consultants in the Czech Republic with an office in Brussels. We work in the European institutions where our lawyers are involved in the development of the sustainability reporting legislative package and the EU taxonomy.

We develop and endorse European ESG standards as members of the EFRAG Sustainability Reporting Board.

Building on years of experience

We are in the sustainable construction and energy industry, working with developers, real estate funds and energy companies.

We provide orientation in both the legal and technical part of ESG issues, especially regarding the changing requirements for energy performance and other building parameters.

Thanks to our know-how, we also assist clients in the field of specialized communication, event management and marketing.

We do big things, working with world leaders

 In total, we have analyzed more than 1,500 ESG reports of European corporations. Our work has been featured in global media such as the New York Times, and we publish the international podcast Frankly Speaking about responsible business.

In it, we discuss the latest developments in ESG and reporting with global leaders in the field. We lead the Alliance for Corporate Transparency, an initiative that brings together 20 leading organizations dedicated to sustainability reporting and reform at EU level.

In the Alliance, we have published Europe's largest survey of 1,000 corporations to provide objective data on the quality of reporting.

We have prepared the first unique ESG Reporting Guidelines in Europe

A unique guide we have developed in cooperation with Deloitte for the Prague Stock Exchange and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development helps companies navigate the European sustainability reporting rules.

The ESG Reporting Guidelines, which can be downloaded for free, provide a comprehensive overview of European sustainability legislation, describe the basic principles of EU standards and clearly define the information that companies will be required to disclose.

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