Green bonds

We will prepare a green bond according to international and EU standards, which will attract new investors.

Green bonds allow you to gain more capital with lower interest and longer-term returns. The funds raised through the sale of green bonds are earmarked and can only be used to finance projects that meet international standards. These can be energy saving projects, the implementation of passive buildings or the construction of renewable energy plants.

What the service contains

Preparation of a funding framework that describes the contribution of activities to sustainability
Preparation of the terms of issuance and related documentation for the entire green bond issuance.
Ensuring promotion

Price from 4 300 EUR

(in case of under-limit issue up to EUR 1 million)
How we help our clients

For the energy and bio-waste investment group, we have prepared a green bond issuance in accordance with the international Green Bond Principles framework and in view of the upcoming EU legislation, which is a guarantee of sustainability for investors. The Green Bond will attract new investors while developing sustainability projects.

Our clients

Our team

Filip Gregor

ESG team leader

Martin Fadrný

Lawyer and senior consultant

David Janků

Reporting consultant

Olga Kurda

Reporting consultant

Eva Pelikánová

PR account manager

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