ESG for Real estate

We will prepare the developer or construction company for green financing.

 It is crucial for real estate developers and construction companies to align their projects as closely as possible with the EU Taxonomy criteria, so that they do not have difficulties with financing and at the same time qualify for soft loans for green projects. Prepare early for bank and investor requirements. Get an idea of the green financing options for your projects and learn what measures to take to match the EU Taxonomy.

What the service contains

ESG strategy and reporting according to real estate best practices and investor and bank requirements
Assessing and ensuring compliance with EU Taxonomy conditions for individual projects
Integration of Taxonomy into the project cycle and internal processes
Setting up sustainability due diligence according to international standards to meet the minimum safeguards requirement
Contractual conditions with suppliers to meet ESG conditions

Price from 6 400 EUR

How we help our clients

For a real estate group specializing in residential projects in Brno, we assessed several construction projects according to the EU taxonomy criteria and proposed compliance measures. The company was able to use our outputs to negotiate green loans with banks.

Our clients

Our team

Filip Gregor

ESG team leader

Martin Fadrný

Lawyer and senior consultant

David Janků

Reporting consultant

Olga Kurda

Reporting consultant

Eva Pelikánová

PR account manager

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