Carbon footprint and ESG reporting

We will provide data for your business partners and prepare an ESG report according to the new EU legislation.

We will set up advanced ESG policies. With ESG tools, your company will better analyze risks and opportunities. Using a well set ESG strategy and ESG reporting process you will have key information for your business partners, banks and investors according to the new legislation - EU Taxonomy, CSRD and SFRD. You will use the data to make strategic decisions, including cost-saving measures. ESG policies and due diligence will open the way to green finance and will be essential for accessing financial products in the future.

What the package contains

ESG report under new EU legislation

We will prepare an ESG report for your company that is fully compliant with the new EU standards for ESG reporting.

Carbon footprint calculation Scope 1 and 2

We will calculate your company's direct and indirect emissions according to the GHG Protocol.

Customized data for ESG report and banks

We will determine which data you need to collect for the ESG report and negotiating more favorable financing with banks.

Analysis of ESG impacts and opportunities

We will identify material topics for reporting based on impacts, risks and opportunities

Preparing an ESG strategy

We will develop an ESG strategy that will outline your sustainability priorities, goals and commitments and match your ambitions and existing priorities.

Advanced ESG policies and measures

We will set up ESG policies and processes for you to comply with the most up-to-date legislation and best practice in the sector.

Basis for the decarbonisation plan

We will identify the sector specifics and characteristics of your company that will serve as a basic framework for developing a decarbonisation plan.

Background to the due diligence policy

We will identify the sector specifics and characteristics of your supply chain, which will serve as a basic framework for developing a due diligence policy.

Price from 10 600 EUR

Carbon Footprint Calculation Scope 3

We will calculate your company's Scope 3 emissions, we have unique know-how on the Czech market.

Price 4 300 EUR

How we help our clients

 We prepared a comprehensive ESG report tailored to the needs of Czech developer Urbanity, including the development of an ESG strategy and policies.

This enabled the company to prepare for legislative obligations and business partner requirements in a timely manner. At the same time, it gained a better overview of the necessary data and set up strategies to address its negative impacts.

Reported data increases the transparency of our operations and reflects the benefits of the sustainable solutions we deliver to our partners. They are then better able to achieve their ESG goals. We helped one of our clients achieve a reduction in heat costs and associated carbon emissions of almost 80%.

Roland Hofman, CEO Urbanity

Our clients

Our team

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ESG team leader

Martin Fadrný

Lawyer and senior consultant

David Janků

Reporting consultant

Olga Kurda

Reporting consultant

Eva Pelikánová

PR account manager

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